P-TECH Mentor

Number of badges issued: 196

This badge earner is recognized by the P-TECH Career Mentoring Program for developing and cultivating a mentoring relationship with a P-TECH mentee (student). The earner has taken relevant training to ensure quality feedback and guidance is provided to students. Mentoring is an important career development opportunity, which any individual can use to enhance skills and achieve long-term career aspirations.

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P-TECH Mentor

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Complete the Be a P-TECH Mentor online course, including passing the final assessment with a score of 80% or higher.


Mentor (virtually or face-to-face) a P-TECH student through the P-TECH Career Mentoring Program, making adult-to-student connections and working to develop areas of interest of the student, including career readiness, workplace learning skills, and socialization.


Complete a badge application form. The P-TECH Career Mentoring Program coordinator will review and validate your application. Allow up to 10 business days for processing.


This badge is available for adult mentors in the P-TECH network, or any adult wishing to become a mentor in the P-TECH network; learners must be enrolled on IBM SkillsBuild for Students to access the education.


This badge is not for P-TECH students or minors.


Revalidation: This badge is valid for two years. After this period, you will need to apply to revalidate your badge. To do this, you must have mentored a P-TECH student through the P-TECH Career Mentoring Program in the past two years.

P-TECH Mentor

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P-TECH Mentor

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