IBM Z Management Hackathon

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This badge is an IBM issued and IBM recognized badge that attests the following skills have been obtained and demonstrated by the holder: Commitment to learning and demonstration of skills development as per hackathon themes; Demonstration of team work and collaboration in a hackathon event; Application of relevant knowledge and skills in a hackathon project; Ability to create an IBM Z Systems solution (based on the Hackathon theme) to a real business case and demonstrate a workable solution.

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IBM Z Management Hackathon

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This badge is only available to IBM employees.


Attended at least 2 education sessions from the Hackathon Education Series, Must be an active and contributing member of a hackathon team at the IBM Z Management Hackathon event. Presented a solution that tackles one or more Hackathon themes.  Completed all Hackathon project requirements and presented solution (as a team) to the panel of judges at the project presentation session. Must be present...

IBM Z Management Hackathon

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IBM Z Management Hackathon

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