Skills Blender Program 2021

Number of badges issued: 28

The badge earner has improved their technical skills in one of the following areas: installation, customization, migration, RAS, coexistence, performance, benchmarking, systems operations or system recovery actions. They capitalize on the depth and breadth of ATG skilled leaders to grow and expand their existing technical skills. They also demonstrate that they can share valuable technical content with a quarterly activity and apply their newfound technical skills in the field with clients.

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Skills Blender Program 2021

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM


Minimum of 8 hours of team participation/contribution per week on the Skills Blender Program (96-100 hours per quarter)


Minimum of one activity per quarter, including: Develop and deliver client presentations, white papers or technical paper; Build and deliver client Wildfire Workshop, Health Check, client Assessment Checklists, productivity tools; Run a client POC/POT or benchmark; Presenting at a client user conferences, workshop, or other event. The activity is validated by the team lead.


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Skills Blender Program 2021

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Skills Blender Program 2021

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