Badge Directory

IBM QualityStage on Cloud V11.5.x Developer

This badge earner is able to build QualityStage jobs to cleanse your data by analyzing, standardizing, and matching so that the business data is more reliable.

IBM Information Server V11.5.x Developer

The Information Server V11.5.x Developer proficiency badge is earned by obtaining all Developer badges for Information Server suite of products. The badge earner has the ability to solve common...

IBM QualityStage V11.5.x Building Investigate Jobs

This badge earner is able to build Investigate jobs to analyze source data. The badge earner knows how to use character discrete, character investigate and word investigations. The individual can also...

IBM QualityStage V11.5.x Standardizing Data

This badge earner is able to build jobs using the Standardize stage and work with Rule sets. The badge earner is able to interpret the results and can also investigate unhandled data and patterns.

IBM QualityStage V11.5.x Matching Data

This badge earner understands the key concepts of data matching and can build a QualityStage job to identify matching data, apply multiple Match passes to increase efficiency, and interpret and...

IBM QualityStage V11.5.x Survivorship

This badge earner knows how to build a QualityStage Survive job that will consolidate matched records into a single master record.