Cloud Automation Community Framework Advocate

Number of badges issued: 13

The Badge earner has demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of Cloud Automation Community Framework (CACF). The badge earner will be able to help other accounts with the Enablement and Deployment processes of CACF. The badge earner has hands on experience of the following: Basics of Ansible, CACF Architecture, Continuous Engineering, Community Model, Github, Playbook Lifecycle, Hypercare, Setup Event Automation & Testing, Network@CACF.

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Cloud Automation Community Framework Advocate

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM.

Education Experience

Prereq: You must have completed the Cloud Automation Community Framework Account Enablement Package training.


Complete the Continuous Engineering Training.


Complete the Ansible Architecture training.


Complete the Setup Event Automation/testing Training.


Earn one of the Continuous Engineering badges (Contributor or Automation Maker).


Mentor 3 Tower Account Administrators.


Provide evidence of your contribution as a CACF Advocate in the deployment/enablement process of CACF. Describe your role on the project, where you were involved in and what results you achieved.

Professional Experience

Minimum Experience of 6 months in CACF.


Apply for this badge.

Cloud Automation Community Framework Advocate

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Cloud Automation Community Framework Advocate

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