DevSecOps Essentials

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The badge earner is able to showcase a foundational understanding of DevOps principles and practices that allows them to initiate a DevOps conversation & understanding of DevOps methodology

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DevSecOps Essentials

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Earner is an employee of IBM

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Demonstrated understanding of DevOps values and principles across six DevOps practices (6 s): Continuous Business Planning, Collaborative Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Release and Deployment, Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Customer Feedback and Optimization. Successfully completed the associated learning path and knowledge assessments for a total of 5 hours. (click here)


This badge will be automatically issued to you once you have completed the required learning path. Please send an email to Meenakshi Srinivasan/India/IBM if you have questions about this badge.

DevSecOps Essentials

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DevSecOps Essentials

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