IBM Accelerate - Client Services and Consulting

Number of badges issued: 55

Through IBM subject matter expert-led student education, this badge earner has been exposed to in-demand capabilities of client services and consulting practitioners. This individual has demonstrated a familiarity with topics such as business strategy, user experience, project management, supply chain management, financial analysis, cloud, enterprise applications, and data by applying them to respond to a simulated business case.

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IBM Accelerate - Client Services and Consulting

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Participate in the IBM Accelerate - Client Services and Consulting 8-week learning program (3 hours per week).  IBM Accelerate participants may miss no more than a total of 1 track session and 1 foundational skills session.


Demonstrate engagement with the course material and ongoing skill progression through active participation in weekly sessions. Participation can be reflected in weekly quizzes or polls, commenting or asking questions during discussions, collaborating with peers in small group sessions, or taking advantage of optional networking opportunities.


Individuals will be assessed for a badge using a grading rubric based on the following criteria: a team case study presentation, input from team members regarding individual engagement and contributions over the course of the program, and feedback from team coaches. A cumulative score of 80% or higher is required.


Note: This program is available to U.S. based undergraduate students.

IBM Accelerate - Client Services and Consulting

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IBM Accelerate - Client Services and Consulting

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