Web Developer Foundations

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This badge earner demonstrates a foundational understanding of front-end web development concepts, principles, and practices. This individual has also demonstrated a deep understanding of how to use programming languages and frameworks, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to create web applications. Badge earners can use these skills to pursue and advance their career as a web developer.

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Web Developer Foundations

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Complete the Web Developer Foundations course designed by CodeDoor, which includes lectures, videos, reading assignments, and interacting with code samples.


Pass the comprehension and skills assessments with a grade of 70% or higher to show competence with HTML semantics, CSS preprocessors, JavaScript best practices, and best practices in responsive design and progressive enhancement.


This badge is only available to adult learners who are working directly with IBM's non-governmental organizations (NGOs). IBM employees do not qualify to earn this badge.


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Web Developer Foundations

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Web Developer Foundations

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