Tech Data - Blockchain on IBM Z

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The badge holder has demonstrated skills that are required to understand key architectural components that are specific to the Hyperledger Fabric project and how they interact to provide a foundation for a business blockchain network. They know how to apply blockchain to a business network, implement and setup a blockchain network, and add code for Smart Contracts using the chaincode interface from the Hyperledger Project- s Fabric.

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Blockchain IBM System Z

Tech Data - Blockchain on IBM Z

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Attend 100% of the Tech Data "ESE0G" instructor-led class - Blockchain on IBM Z.


Successfully execute all Lab exercises in the classroom, as reported by the class instructor.


Please note: In order to receive this badge, you must attend the instructor-led course with Tech Data and/or Exit Certified.

Tech Data - Blockchain on IBM Z

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Tech Data - Blockchain on IBM Z

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