IBM Developer Jumpstart - Advisor

Number of badges issued: 88

By earning this badge, the earner has demonstrated the stills obtained during the second year of the two Developer JumoStart program. Specifically they will have demonstrated the mastery of three critical componets: 1) Story Telling and Effective Communication, 2) Innovative Thinking and Intellectual Property (Patents) and 3) Leadership traits.

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IBM Developer Jumpstart - Advisor

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Be an employee of IBM.

Professional Experience

To earn the Advisor badge, one must show proficiency in:

Professional Experience

Effective Story Telling - at the end of approximately 6 weeks, the badge earner will have participated in a number of learning exercises aimed at teaching them how to be effective speakers and story tellers.

Professional Experience

Intellectual Property/Patent Circles - at the end of the patent circle sessions (approx. 6-8 weeks), the badge earner will present their ideas (with their working patent circle to a "mock IRB".  Through these sessions, the badge earner will understand what's involved in creating intellectual property and the tasks required.

Education Experience

Earners must also complete the Year 2 Learning modules required in the Developer Academy:


Year 2 Software Developer and Hardware Developer: Security and Privacy by Design Foundations badge and IBM Q Conversation badge, AND 2 badges from the Technical Skills list; Required Learning: Journey to AI;  Read the book "The Truth About Employee Engagement".

IBM Developer Jumpstart - Advisor

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IBM Developer Jumpstart - Advisor

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