Finance & Operations Automation Developer

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This badge earner understands essential elements of operations Automation and ability to identify processes to be automated. Essential elements include why Automation is important to transform IBM, and how Automation can work together with professionals to increase process efficiency. It also includes ability to document the process, determine the appropriate automation technologies and develop that solution.

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Finance & Operations Automation Developer

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM Finance & Operations

Education Experience

Complete training in any of the RPA software development programs: ChatBot, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, Python, UI Path, Java (Standalone VBA are not valid), WinAutomation, WDG.

Education Experience

Participate in Automation BotCamp (virtual or in person) from your organization or from EO&S Automation CoE. Evidence must be attached of certificate of participation and completion of the BotCamp.


Mentored on automation development (3 hours - could be part of delivered projects)

Professional Experience

Project Requirements: participate in at least 3 projects as developer, participate in at least 2 projects as consultant to another developer. Badge earners should be able to: submit project details identify business requirements and outcomes


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Finance & Operations Automation Developer

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Finance & Operations Automation Developer

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