IBM Garage Coach

Number of badges issued: 21

This badge earner has demonstrated exceptional expertise and contribution in coaching IBM Garage Methodology and Practices. They have a deep understating of IBM Garage assets and platforms. Coaching is the highest level of experience in IBM Garage, and this individual has experience leading squads and entire garages, and is considered a thought leader in this space.

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IBM Garage Coach

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earn the IBM Garage Leader badge.


Giveback to the IBM Garage community - giveback can be any of the following: Be an active member of the IBM Garage Community - responding to other members on slack and the community interface; Sharing personal experiences with IBM Garage on best practices calls or through the community interface; Harvesting and sharing assets personally developed with the community; Contributing to better IBM...


Deliver two IBM Garage Bootcamp sessions as an instructor.

Professional Experience

Applications for this badge should include evidence of extensive experience in: Repeated successful experience in Leading Garages; Repeated considerable involvement in signing IBM Garage deals; Repeated experience in leading IBM Garage workshops; Repeated considerable involvement in C-Suite discussion within a garage inflight or an inception of a garage; Internal eminence in the Internal Garage...


Apply for this badge - your application will be reviewed by a Global Garage Leadership Team Member.


Note: This badge is only available to IBM employees at this time.  It will become available to externals soon.

IBM Garage Coach

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IBM Garage Coach

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