IBM AI Professional Leader

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This badge earner demonstrates the ability to apply their understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) concepts such as culture and change management, data readiness and maturity, AI ethics and bias, as well as IBM’s AI strategy to create a playbook for implementing AI with clients. IBM leaders earning this badge from the IBM AI Skills Academy are prepared to assist clients in organizing and formulating an AI implementation strategy.

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IBM AI Professional Leader

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Designed for IBM leaders participating in the IBM AI Skills Academy.

Education Experience

Complete the IBM AI Professional Leader learning plan, including attending and participating in all required learning sessions and completing all assignments. You will meet with peers to review and deconstruct case studies and share experiences. You will also complete playbook assignments that walk you through the high-level process of developing an organizational strategy for implementing AI.

Professional Experience

Earn this badge by demonstrating your ability to develop an organizational strategy for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions by participating in 3 class sessions/discussions, participating in breakout sessions to deconstruct and analyze case studies, and creating a playbook, which will provide a strategy created for a specific client. Class facilitators will validate individual...


SME will evaluate playbook based on scoring rubric and provide feedback/approval. An 8 out of 10 score is required to pass.


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IBM AI Professional Leader

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IBM AI Professional Leader

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