Patterns Design Program Cohort Coach

Number of badges issued: 58

This badge earner has demonstrated strong mentorship and leadership skills, in which they have led a group of early career designers through their real business unit incubator project. They have helped these new designers establish and grow their design thinking skills. They have worked through real-world people-focused scenarios that come along with a job in management.

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Patterns Design Program Cohort Coach

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM and a Coach for a Patterns Design Program cohort

Professional Experience

Coach early-career designers in fulfilling the requirements of their Incubator project

Education Experience

Effectively navigate the challenges of leading a cross-disciplinary team; challenges include but not limited to: team dynamics and conflict, interpersonal communication and managing the stakeholder relationship

Professional Experience

Master the skills taught in the instructional curriculum, including, but not limited to: coaching, mentorship, team dynamics, leadership, relationship management, team dynamics, communication, and career growth

Patterns Design Program Cohort Coach

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Patterns Design Program Cohort Coach

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