IBM Z and LinuxONE Hybrid Cloud Advocate

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A badge earner effectively combines Red Hat and IBM capabilities together with peers at Red Hat. They are able to bridge different development processes/team culture and actively co-develop or contribute to the Red Hat portfolio. They understand how to work productively with counterparts at Red Hat and how open source development differs from traditional IBM development. They evangelize IBM's contributions to Red Hat technology in public communities and underscores the value of synergies.

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IBM Z and LinuxONE Hybrid Cloud Advocate

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM.

Professional Experience

Demonstrate commitment within the IBM/Red Hat synergy by being an active member of a development project, joint community or customer solution, which is related to a Red Hat product.


Demonstrate advocacy of the IBM / Red Hat synergy by publishing at least 5 external contributions in social media (e.g. LinkedIn, external IBM blog posts, ...). The contributions need to evangelize IBM's commitment and engagement with regards to the Red Hat product portfolio.


Demonstrate presentation skills and knowledge on the Red Hat portfolio by presenting at least one session to a broader audience. The audience needs to be beyond the own project team or department. The presentation can be internal or external.


Demonstrate a network / link to the Red Hat team by establishing an active personal network with colleagues at Red Hat.


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IBM Z and LinuxONE Hybrid Cloud Advocate

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IBM Z and LinuxONE Hybrid Cloud Advocate

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