IBM Senior Complex Program Manager

Number of badges issued: 390

This badge holder is one of GBS’s most experienced Program Managers who has been nominated and endorsed by IBM leadership as having the requisite skills and experience to lead and manage GBS's largest and most complex programs. A Senior CPM takes the lead role in delivering a highly complex project/program and has an expert level of expertise in the capability. This badge is only available for IBM employees.

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IBM Senior Complex Program Manager

What is needed to earn this credential or badge

Education Experience

Complete required education


Hold Senior or Executive Project Management Certification  OR  Hold Expert or Thought Leader capability in Managing the Client Experience or Consulting with Advisory Project Management Accreditation  OR  Has demonstrated comparable experience


Successfully lead at least 3 GBS Complex engagements : 1 in IBM, 1 Completed in last 3 years, TCV/Revenue Clip Levels if required by Growth Platform / Service Lines.

Professional Experience

Managed ALL complexity categories as per the Global GBS Program Complexity Definition definition


Sponsorship from Geography / Market Delivery Leader


Endorsement from Geography Quality Leader and Geography Delivery Leader.

IBM Senior Complex Program Manager

Alignment to standards

no alignment to standards

IBM Senior Complex Program Manager

Recommended next steps


Continue to maintain and grow experience and skill levels for Senior Complex Program Manager re-accreditation. Mentor other Complex Program Managers or senior Project Managers in the Complex PM pipeline


Gain enough expertise to become an Executive Project Manager or Delivery Partner.