Japan GUIDE/SHARE Leadership

Number of badges issued: 117

This badge earner has established their presence as a leader or sub-leader of a Japan GUIDE/SHARE project and has taken the initiative to grow professionally and support the local technology community. After completion of the project, the badge earner is able to show strong leadership in his/her work environment based on the experience as a leader role in the project.

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Japan GUIDE/SHARE Leadership

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Receive Japan GUIDE/SHARE committee's approval to be a leader or sub-leader of the Japan GUIDE/SHARE project during the project period.


As a leader or sub-leader, successfully lead one of the Japan GUIDE/SHARE projects which includes completing the study paper with the project team members.


Present the study paper at the Japan GUIDE/SHARE IT Conference.

Japan GUIDE/SHARE Leadership

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Japan GUIDE/SHARE Leadership

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