Mobile / Digital Testing Solution Delivery

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Certified to advise on Mobile / Digital Testing by co-creating client solutions using IBM IGNITE Quality and Test Services using IBM assets, methods and engagement practices. IGNITE Quality and Test leverages unique IBM cognitive and test optimization technology to minimize and accelerate testing while providing a predictive outcome.

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Mobile / Digital Testing Solution Delivery

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earner is an employee of IBM

Professional Experience

Demonstrate knowledge of IBM IGNITE Quality Engineering assets, methods and engagement practices with specific focus on Mobile / Digital Testing

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the value to clients of API / Micro Services Testing by: Defining the test strategy for functional and non-functional test areas including rick assessment, best practices and metrics definition; Supporting RFI / RFP by performing Solution Design and understanding and addressing client pain points; Demonstrating Hands-on delivery experience by performing Functional Testing,...

Digital Credential


Completed the Experience Level Mobile Testing Learning Program


Completed five projects with minimal 3000 hours demonstrating core skills as defined in the GBS Progression & Promotion model

Professional Experience

Worked in Quality Engineering for a minimum of two years for at least 50% of their time

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the IT Development & Implementation skills criteria as defined in the GBS Progression & Promotion model


Contributed to the evolution of the Mobile / Digital Testing by creating at least two reusable assets e.g. Solutioning guidance, case studies, blogs, best practice, white papers, POV


Coached at least two people through the process of adopting the Mobile / Digital Testing on separate client engagements

Professional Experience

Understands the importance of the IBM Way and how it relates to Quality Engineering activities


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Mobile / Digital Testing Solution Delivery

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Mobile / Digital Testing Solution Delivery

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