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Badge earner is a recognized leader in an open source project that is designated as an IBM strategic project. Leadership may be demonstrated by some of the following: core committer/maintainer, project management leader, significant influence via contributions. Leaders do not necessarily hold committer status/have authority to make changes in source code. Rather, their role is more focused on shaping and influencing the overall strategic direction of the open source community.

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Open Source Developer

Open Source Strategic Leader

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Must be an IBM employee.

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Create and register an Open Source id, using the GitHub User Mapper

Professional Experience

The recipient must be on the project's current identified list of leaders in an open source community of strategic interest to IBM. An IBM-strategic open source project is identified as a code project of critical importance to IBM, with activity directly aligned to IBM strategic business objectives.

Professional Experience

Be a recognized and active leader in an IBM-strategic open source project in the last year. An active leader is responsible for driving the vision and managing the organizational aspects of the project, and/or have a significant board or committee position. Strategic Leader status is granted by peers in the open source community in which source code project resides (external to IBM).


Certify your understanding of IBM's Open Source Participation Guidelines.


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Open Source Strategic Leader

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Open Source Strategic Leader

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