Cognitive HR - Essentials

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The badge earner is able to participate in Cognitive HR sales and delivery activities and contribute to the development of new cognitive HR solution. Cognitive HR is the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to create more personalized and engaging HR experiences and to support data-driven decisions in the managing of enterprise talent.

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Cognitive HR - Essentials

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Earner is an employee of IBM.

Education Experience

Demonstrated  foundation level understanding of Cognitive HR.  The knowledge is acquired and validated by successfully completing the associated learning path and knowledge assessments for a total of 12 hours.


Earned the following badges:

Digital Credential


Is a member of the #cognitiveofferings Slack channel in the GBS Talent & Engagement workspace


This badge will be automatically issued to you once you have completed the required learning path and the Cognitive HR Essentials knowledge assessment.

Cognitive HR - Essentials

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Cognitive HR - Essentials

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