Db2 Family Fundamentals - Code: CE031G

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This credential earner has completed instructor-led learning for understanding about the functions of IBM's Db2, a relational database manager which may be installed under a variety of operating systems on many hardware platforms. Db2 runs under the z/OS, VM, Linux, UNIX, and Windows operating systems, to name a few. Topics covered include how the Db2 products provide services, with a focus on the services Db2 provides and how we work with Db2, not on its internal workings.

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Db2 Family Fundamentals - Code: CE031G

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Successfully complete the following IBM Instructor-Led course: DB2 Family Fundamentals - Code: CE031G

Db2 Family Fundamentals - Code: CE031G

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Db2 Family Fundamentals - Code: CE031G

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