IBM Automation Consulting

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Able to independently advise and guide a client and position automation services, software and assets to support the scope of work using IBM Automation offerings (Advisory Services, Production Services and Automation as a Service) and technologies (Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence). IBM Automation provides a holistic approach to deploying intelligent automation across a client’s enterprise from business process to IT.

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IBM Automation Consulting

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earner is an employee of IBM


Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the IBM Automation Offerings and how to position a combination of services, software and assets to solve the client's need. The knowledge is acquired and validated by successfully completing the associated ‘intermediate’ automation learning path for a total of ~10 hours.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the application of knowledge by: 1) Advising a client on Automation vision and strategy. 2) Assessing a client’s automation requirements using IBM Automation methods & tools. 3) Positioning the appropriate IBM Automation offerings, services, software & assets for the scope of work. 4) Assisting with the development of short & long term automation roadmaps to meet client requirements....

Professional Experience

Demonstrated performance at the IBM skill level Experienced by providing two stakeholder feedback statements (or project assessments) for two different periods.  This IBM skill level is defined as: Repeated, successful application of the subject area with demonstrable results in multiple environments. Has a solid level of expertise in this subject area

Professional Experience

Dynamic communicator and presenter; foster environment of accountability; drive teaming culture; drive feedback culture; recognized team leader; recognized SME; take initiative to grow the practice; exhibit dedication to clients and to others


Earned the IBM Automation Practitioner Badge

Professional Experience

1) Advised Two automation engagements of which one engagement is an ’automation led’ (automation is the only component). 2) For ‘automation inside’ engagement (automation is one of several components), automation is leveraged as a clear differentiator. 3) Advised which process(es) will provide value from automation, using CBM, process discovery, machine learning & other tools. 4) Demonstrated the...


Additionally, badge earner shared the expertise and contributed to automation eminence via two shared automation assets (Any of these two: Point of View, white paper, client training, case study, client references, automation speaker at external event).


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IBM Automation Consulting

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IBM Automation Consulting

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Earn IBM Automation ‘Expert / Thought leadership’ Badge.