AgileTA Achiever

Number of badges issued: 7

AgileTA is a framework for applying Agile practices and principles to Talent Acquisition. An AgileTA Achiever is recognized for their AgileTA knowledge and experience. The badge earner mentors AgileTA teams and has consistently delivered results in line with key AgileTA performance indicators.

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AgileTA Achiever

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM

Digital Credential

Professional Experience

Achieved 500 hours of AgileTA experience serving in the role of Talent Acquisition Scrum Master or being part of a Talent Acquisition Scrum Team for 5 sprints

Professional Experience

Demonstrated that the experience they have gained has produced results with respect to metrics and key performance indicators (KPI).


Successfully completed 5 total hours of actively helping other IBM employees and teams accelerate the adoption of AgileTA practices, principles and values.


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AgileTA Achiever

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AgileTA Achiever

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