Finance & Operations Automation Advocate

Number of badges issued: 50

This badge earner understands essential elements of operations automation and ability to identify processes to be automated . Essential elements include why automation is important to transform operations, and how Automation can work together with people to increase process efficiency. It also includes ability to document the process and to assess the process against automation technologies.

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Finance & Operations Automation Advocate

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM Finance & Operations

Education Experience

Participate in F&O RPA BotCamp (virtual or in person) with minimum of 16 hours of commitment and 4 week agenda. Earn the participation certificate.


Earn the IBM Automation Compass badge

Education Experience

Complete Robotic Process Automation - EO&S Technical Learning Roadmap

Professional Experience

Complete one of the following: 1 - lead education sessions with team members on automation, covering all essential elements of operations automation. 2 - submit or participate in automation idea identification or implementation, at least 3 ideas. Professional share evidence of idea submission, either tool capture or e-mail notification thru each organization various channels.


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Finance & Operations Automation Advocate

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Finance & Operations Automation Advocate

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