Predictive Analytics Modeler - Foundation

Number of badges issued: 409

Through faculty-led education, this badge earner has demonstrated a basic understanding of the principles and practice of data science and how to model and prepare data for a successful data science project. The learning topics included: importing, exploring, and preparing data; modeling data; use functions; dealing with missing values; using advanced field operations; handling sequence data; applying advanced sampling methods; and improve efficiency.

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Predictive Analytics Modeler - Foundation

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must have participated in the IBM Canada MyLearning Academy.


Completed all learning, hands-on activities, and quizzes in all modules of the Predictive Analytics Modeler program as follows:


Module I – Analytics Overview


Module II – Discover IBM Predictive Analytics Using SPSS Modeler


Module III – Creating Predictive Analytics Models


Module IV – Additional Topics - Guided Demo and Hands-on Lab


Successfully passed the Foundations final exam.

Predictive Analytics Modeler - Foundation

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Predictive Analytics Modeler - Foundation

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