Cognitive Journey Leader

Number of badges issued: 29

This badge earner has mastered the skills to guide their client through their Cognitive journey, increase client satisfaction, and tie client value back to Cognitive business cases. They share their expertise both internally and externally and are deemed as a thought leader in the Cognitive space.

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Cognitive Journey Leader

What is needed to earn this credential or badge

Professional Experience

1,000 hours on Cognitive engagement(s) in a Cognitive Journey Leader role


Built a business case with clearly defined metrics of success with the client and demonstrated them successfully


Maintain a Cognitive external presence (social media, journal, industry groups, universities, conference presentations / speaking, etc.)


150 hours giveback in a Cognitive capacity including three out of the four listed; Contributing or improving assets, Contributing cognitive collateral to the Cognitive Community, Teaching a Cognitive course/webinar and Mentoring


An active member in the IBM Cognitive Business Decisions Support community


EARN; Currently this badge is only available for IBM Employees. Follow this link to earn this badge.

Cognitive Journey Leader

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Cognitive Journey Leader

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