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Security Focals are critical to service teams being able to deliver their products in a DevOps model. Each service team is required to assign a Security Focal. Most Security Focals perform this role as a collateral duty, supporting other development activities during each sprint cycle. Achieving a Security Focal badge demonstrates to the Security Focals’ service and leadership teams that they are serious about ensuring that IBM’s services are designed, developed and deployed ‘secure to the core’

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Security Focal

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Must be an employee of IBM.

Professional Experience

Perform the responsibilities of a Service Security Focal as defined in the ‘Service Security Focals’ section of the IBM Cloud Security Focal Program GitBook for a minimum of six (6) months. This criteria must be verified to have been completed by either the Security Focal’s manager, project manager, or technical lead / lead architect. Details on the Security Focal role can be found on the Security...

Education Experience

Complete the Security Focal Learning Plan


Earn the following prerequisite badge:

Digital Credential


Attend at least twelve (12) Weekly Security Focal Interlock meetings during the previous 6 to 12 months to ensure that they stay aligned with the most recent security and compliance updates.  If the Security Focal is not able to attend the live sessions, they may also listen to the replays.  The Security Focal Program Training Calendar can be found on the Security Focal Training Calendar page.


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Security Focal

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Security Focal

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