IBM Accelerate - Software Developer

Number of badges issued: 60

The badge earner has demonstrated a deep understanding and skills in the following programming competencies: data structures & algorithms, front end & back end development fundamentals, versioning, application security, and project management. The individual has gained a solid understanding of coding assessment platforms, GitHub, the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and coding logic.

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IBM Accelerate - Software Developer

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Participate in the IBM Accelerate - Software Developer 8-week learning program (3 hours per week).  IBM Accelerate participants may miss no more than a total of 1 track session and 1 foundational skills session.


Demonstrate engagement with the course material and ongoing skill progression through active participation in weekly sessions. Participation can be reflected in weekly quizzes or polls, commenting or asking questions during discussions, collaborating with peers in small group sessions, or taking advantage of optional networking opportunities.


Complete weekly group-based labs and semi-weekly coding challenges or quizzes with a score of 80% or better during the 8-week program.


Exhibit technical skill proficiency through completion of a final coding exam with a score of 80% or better.


Note: This program is available to U.S. based undergraduate students.

IBM Accelerate - Software Developer

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IBM Accelerate - Software Developer

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