Engagement Transition & Transformation Integration Manager

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Engagement Transition & Transformation Managers own end-to-end implementation of the solution during the engagement, including scope, cost and schedule, migrate infrastructure and implement new services and tools. Establishes client relationship and acts as focal for various items like oral presentations, due diligence, proposals and contract documents, manage risks and issues and validates existing dependencies and assumptions. Turns over solution to Transition & Transformation Manager.

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Engagement Transition & Transformation Integration Manager

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee if IBM


Acquire IBM Advisory Project Management Certification or higher


Obtain First Line Manager or Global Extended Team Manager endorsement


Present 3 Endorsement letters from your project stakeholders


Complete Engagement Transition and Transformation Manager (ETTIM) Education Package

Professional Experience

ETTIM Practical Experience - minimum of 12 months and 5 engagements with specific activities performed (e.g. documented written T&T contract schedule, documented attendance on B2 release call, documented presentation of TES call for T&T at all price releases, etc.)


Document 2 giveback activities in last 2 years (e.g. conducting and assisting Lessons Learned sessions, perform peer T&T reviews / support, mentoring and coaching, performing education/training to T&T Community)


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Engagement Transition & Transformation Integration Manager

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Engagement Transition & Transformation Integration Manager

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