IBM Global Financing - Business Support Operations Expert

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Badge earner has extensive knowledge of Business Support Operations, has an end-to-end knowledge about BSO processes within at least one BSO area (Client Financing, Commercial Financing, Accounts Receivable, Global Asset Recovery Services) and has demonstrated leadership in said area. Badge earner manages operations independently and has a leading role in educations and projects.

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IBM Global Financing - Business Support Operations Expert

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an IBM employee or an IBM contractor in the IBM Global Financing business unit

Professional Experience

Have at least 5 years of experience within one or several areas/positions within BSO (Either Client Financing Begin of Lease, Client Financing End of Lease, Client Financing AR, Commercial Financing, or GARS)

Education Experience

Have at least 200 Think40 education hours


Contribute to education sessions in at least 15 hours


Actively participate in the training of at least three new hires


Be part of at least three cross-functional OR simplification projects and take an active leading role in at least one

Professional Experience

Have had at least 1 leadership role (TL or Manager) within one of the BSO areas


Have had an active mentoring/coaching relationship as a mentee/coachee for at least 1 year


Optional: Complete Talent Acceleration Program 01 and/or 02 (formerly known as Team Leader Bench Creation & Team Lead Academy)


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IBM Global Financing - Business Support Operations Expert

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IBM Global Financing - Business Support Operations Expert

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