IBM Financing - Talent Acceleration Program

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The badge earner has successfully completed the Talent Acceleration Program which is an IBM Financing specific 6-10 months face to face skill-oriented, experience based education program in the areas of organizational structure, communication, presentation skills, shadowing, project management, and leadership.

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IBM Financing - Talent Acceleration Program

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM Financing organization.


Obtain sponsorship from your manager. Your manager must vouch for your participation in the program.

Education Experience

Successfully complete the Talent Acceleration program with a minimum of 80 % attendance.


During the program, participants get grouped into teams and must develop a project to be implemented in the organization within the year. Groups are supposed to manage the project end-to-end and present actual deliverables. The project and outcomes will be presented during the final presentation showcase sessions where the participants work will be assessed, and feedback will be given with focus...


To participate in the program please follow the orientation in the Additional Details link on this page.

IBM Financing - Talent Acceleration Program

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IBM Financing - Talent Acceleration Program

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