Project Management Academy - Poland

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The Project Management Academy program in Wroclaw, Poland aims to discover emerging talents at IBM, support their development in the PM area, and promote Project Management as a career. The PM Academy is dedicated especially for employees who are not working within Project Management competency or have little experience in that field, have high leadership potential with PM aspirations, have technical background, and good command of foreign languages. Exceptions can be made for Program Managers.

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Project Management Academy - Poland

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM. This program currently delivered in Wroclaw, Poland.

Education Experience

Program participants must complete a series of classroom training + e-learning. Total hours of education: 40hs classroom + 20hs e-learning (PM Orientation + WWPMM). Topics of the classroom training include preparation for PMI, basic project management processes and methods, soft skills and PM tools.


Students must take a test after each session (50% pass rate) and a summary exam after each module (80% pass rate).


Students undergo 8 hours of mentoring during the program.

Project Management Academy - Poland

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Project Management Academy - Poland

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