IBM Automation Process Excellence

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The badge earner is able to independently perform Process Excellence engagements, which include the 4 phases (Discover, Reimagine, Automate, and Observe), while delivering automation services.

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IBM Automation Process Excellence

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earner is an employee of IBM


Earned the following badges and certifications: IBM Automation Practitioner Badge, Cognitive Practitioner Badge, Industry Jumpstart or Domain Badge (any one of the badges), Celonis Certification (any one of the certifications), RPA Foundation Certification (any one of the certifications)

Education Experience

Demonstrated Process Excellence knowledge and skills by: Performing process discovery to identify automation feasibility, scope, dependencies, risks/complexity, business case, roadmap, and continuous improvements to drive the transformation agenda for clients. This knowledge is acquired and validated by successfully completing the required learning and assessments for a total of ~60 hours.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated performance at the IBM Experienced skill level by completing 1,000 person hours on Process Excellence engagements; minimum two projects as an SME or expert; acquired the experience on Process Discovery and roadmap in at least one Industry / domain, and stakeholders’ feedback. This IBM skill level is defined as: repeated, successful application of the subject area with demonstrable...

Professional Experience

Demonstrated core process consulting skills, soft skills, and givebacks: Concise communicator, lead cross functional teams, take accountability, serve as coach or mentor, participate in recruiting and other practice giveback programs.


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IBM Automation Process Excellence

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IBM Automation Process Excellence

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