IBM Cloud Transformation - Consulting

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The badge earner is recognized as a trusted advisor to co-create Cloud Transformation Roadmap with a focus on Cloud strategy, Portfolio assessment, Target Operating Model, Cloud architecture, Cloud Financial modelling and DevOps strategy.

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IBM Cloud Transformation - Consulting

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM.

Education Experience

Demonstrated knowledge of Cloud Transformation Strategy outcomes including: Target Operating Model, Application Assessment, Portfolio disposition, Cloud Architecture and Roadmap, Financial modelling and DevOps practices. Successfully completed the associated learning path and knowledge assessments for a total of 20 hours. Successfully attended Cloud Advisory Bootcamp and passed the knowledge...

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the application of knowledge by performing activities that include: Participate in Cloud Advisory client engagements and co-create an Enterprise Cloud Transformation Strategy; Use IBM Cloud Garage Method; Lead client discussions on Cloud Strategy and Transformation; Lead discussions on various Cloud platforms and enable customers to choose the right one.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated successful application of the knowledge and activities on at least two Cloud Advisory engagements at IBM Experienced Level.

Professional Experience

Performed at the IBM Experienced level, supported by two stakeholder feedback statements for two different periods. The IBM Experienced level is defined as: Repeated, successful application of the subject area with demonstrable results in multiple environments. Has a solid level of expertise in this subject area.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the core skills: Core Consulting Skills, Tools and Methods of CSTO offering


Earned the IBM Cloud Transformation - Essentials badge


Is a member of the Cloud Advisory community and communication channels


You can apply by using this link which brings you to the application form that allows you to submit your evidence. Your submission will be validated by a subject matter expert (or team of experts). Once approved, the badge will be automatically issued. It is expected that your application will be validated within 6 weeks.

IBM Cloud Transformation - Consulting

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IBM Cloud Transformation - Consulting

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