Database Strategy and Architecture

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Able to lead client database strategy by assessing current landscape and advise on the improvements, guide on cloud and NoSQL databases, prepare conceptual design and architecting databases. Able to prepare database migration strategy and lead database migration from one platform to other.

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Database Strategy and Architecture

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Earner is an employee of IBM or IBM Contractor, and an experienced professional with experience in database application development or database administration on multiple databases for 8 years or more.

Education Experience

Demonstrated deep knowledge of architecting databases, in depth knowledge multiple databases, ability to guide clients on Cloud and NoSQL database adoption, be able to propose future roadmap. The knowledge is acquired and validated by successfully completing the associated learning path and knowledge assessments for a total of 50 hours.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated the application of knowledge by performing the following activities, assess current landscape, propose optimal landscape, prepare Database strategy road map, advise on cloud and NoSQL database adoption, prepare conceptual design, migration strategy, data modelling and database architecture for atleast 2 databases like Oracle and/or SQL Server and/or DB2.

Professional Experience

Demonstrate the knowledge and experience in architecting database solutions for about 4000 hours,  experience of working on more than 2 databases like Oracle/MS SQL Server/DB2 etc. as a DBA or Developer. Experience of having prepared a solution for at least two new or existing client opportunities, experience of assessing client environments for atleast 200 hours. Experience in one of the NoSQL...

Professional Experience

Performed at the IBM Expert level, supported by two stakeholder feedback statements for two different periods. The IBM Expert level is defined as: Recognized as an authority in the subject area, independently handling unique situations in complex environments and assisting others. Mentors and helps develop less experienced peers in the subject area.

Professional Experience

Demonstrated IBM Global Business Services core skills: Dynamic communicator and presenter; foster environment of accountability; drive teaming culture; drive feedback culture; recognized team leader; recognized SME (if applicable); take initiative to grow the practice; exhibit dedication to others.

Professional Experience

Understand the importance of the IBM Way and how it relates to database architecture and consulting  activities.


Earned the following badges: Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner, Oracle Database Administration OR SQL Server Administration, Oracle Development OR SQL Server Development (Combination of 1 from Oracle and 1 from SQL Server).


Coached at least two people through the process of adopting database architecture or consulting services, solutioning, estimating, migration strategy.


Is a member of Global Custom ADM community.


Contributed to the evolution of database architecting or consulting by creating at least two assets or deploying existing assets, on at least 2 opportunities. e.g. Solutioning guidance, case studies, blogs, best practice, white papers, POV.


You can apply by using the provided link which brings you to the application form that allows you to submit your evidence. Your submission will be validated by a subject matter expert (or team of experts). Please send an when you have questions about how to apply for this badge.


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Database Strategy and Architecture

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Database Strategy and Architecture

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