Transformation Mindset Practitioner

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The Transformation Mindset Practitioner is an individual who has not only completed the required education materials, but also displayed the behaviours of the Transformational Leadership Framework. In addition their efforts and practical contributions have had a tangible impact on our organization’s transformation initiatives.

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Transformation Mindset Practitioner

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an employee of IBM in the Systems organization.

Education Experience

Complete the Transformation Mindset Practitioner Learning Roadmap.


Must have an overall score of 50 (max is 70) on the Transformation Champion Scorecard, as a result of your GEO location manager evaluation on the disciplines of Impact to Organization, Impact to Clients, Breakthrough Innovation, Fostering Collaboration, Lasting Impact, Impact to Bottom line, Transformation Leadership Framework Affinity, and additional leadership strengths like Accountability,...


Candidates must submit their request for evaluation in order to apply for the badge, the application will be reviewed by the Geo location manager using a rubric (spreadsheet where they give rates to the disciplines above).


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Transformation Mindset Practitioner

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Transformation Mindset Practitioner

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