Partner Ecosystem Sales Foundation II - BUILD

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The Badge earner understands the attributes of IBM’s BUILD strategy and can articulate its value proposition to partners and clients. They can successfully apply the framework of “A Day in Life” to determine a BUILD business opportunity: profile an ideal Build partner/client, qualify the opportunity and probe the solution, to then progress the deal to closure and ensure continuous value & revenue stream to partner/client and IBM.

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Partner Ecosystem Sales Foundation II - BUILD

What is needed to earn this credential or badge


Must be an IBM Employee or IBM Contractor

Education Experience

Complete the education roadmap and pass quiz of 40 questions with min 85% correct answers (max 2 attempts at the time to pass)

Professional Experience

Complete BUILD activation exercise: IBM Seller has to confirm having identified min. 1 new BUILD opportunity with a new or existing client/partner and progressed it to sales stage 4 (minimum). The opportunity needs to be created and progressed in CRM and tagged with "#SF2BUILD". Task reinforces application of skills gained in course and helps build BUILD pipeline for 2Q2021.


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Partner Ecosystem Sales Foundation II - BUILD

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Partner Ecosystem Sales Foundation II - BUILD

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